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Introduction to Just Choices:

The goal of the Just Choices program is to assist teachers in encouraging grade 6-12 students to explore new ideas and reevaluate old ones while developing a strong understanding and appreciation of historical and contemporary social justice movements.

Through this program, students will learn how their everyday choices affect others in society and will be inspired to take on issues with passionate civic engagement.

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“Just Choices is a provocative program that captivates and inspires high school students to become positive change agents. A visual masterpiece that presents facts and social movements in an upbeat, ‘hip’ style, creating an enjoyable learning tool for teens. A great resource for teachers across a spectrum of subjects! Just Choices gets an A+ in my roll book!”

—Jacqueline Domac, high school teacher and "Teacher of the Year," Los Angeles Unified School District
Teacher of the Year, LAUSD-Dist. D

“This documentary-style video about students exploring social justice movements provides a stimulating launching point for similar activities in your own classroom. The material is intriguing, the encounters exciting, and the students are a delight. This program will inspire enthusiasm in your classroom!”

—Prad Basu, high school teacher and curriculum consultant, Scarborough Board of Education

“Just Choices creatively and light-heartedly introduces young people to important social justice issues and effectively makes connections to all forms of injustice and oppression. It provides educators with all of the tools they need to engage students in powerful education: informing about what happens behind-the-scenes; promoting critical and creative thinking, respect, reverence and responsibility; and empowering through humane and sustainable choices.”

—Dani Dennenberg, adjunct faculty, International Institute for Humane Education

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